January 11, 2018 Alex Blumentals

City Scale Prototyping

Acting Together Here and Now


Our failures in this regard are not just incremental and the result of ignorance, simple error or lack of good will or capability. Our failures are systemic. They are the consequence of how we have chosen to govern our human enterprise. How can we claim to be “the wise” given this record? How do we ignore centuries of moral and ethical precepts? How do we turn our back on each other and all life on this planet in the pursuit of short term “advantage” and satisfaction? How have we given up the notion of life as a creative quest [link: the art of quest]?

I propose an alternative occupation: the Rebuilding of Planet Earth as a Work of Art enjoyed by all life and as the consequence of all individual humans unique participation [link: MG Taylor mission]. This is, perhaps the greatest game available to us in this coming generation. Lets devote the energy, genius, and money we now do for killing to living. I think the budget will be large enough and the results spectacular. This is the next step in the Human Enterprise. In the next part of this Paper, I will present the case for rapid, massive change, how we are ignoring it, why very good efforts will not — in themselves and in today’s context — add up to appropriate outcomes, and what it means to be requisite with the variety we ourselves are creating.

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