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Triple Bottom Line

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Inclusive cities and economies

Wealth STUDIOS is the platform process that helps cities and sectors to use all the local resources and competences to develop a shared vision together with diverse stakeholders including companies, organizations, artists, creatives, city administration, investors, students and ordinary citizens.


A unique process for co-creation, participative ownership and consumption, and creative finance to guide Your breakthrough opportunity discovery. We enable combining projects at multiple scales to achieve unique synergies, reduced risks and shorter execution times.


We help you co-create and operate real estate landmark projects for creative places where artists, creatives, businesses, academia and people engage in the transformation, growth and sustainable thriving of the city.


We help cities, regions and industry sectors implement local Platform Projects to serve as umbrella for incubating place-based strategies including mobility transformation, ecosystem regeneration, local manufacturing, etc.


Our Philosophy

Co-creation and collaboration are indispensable to solve the right problems, finding solutions that rekindle the creativity and quality of life of our cities and ecosystems


An economy and a city that work for everyone

and for the environment depend on rediscovering

the assets and capacities residing in every community and city,

restoring this “normative” creativity.

Our Philosophy


We bring together the key players that make up Your regions through live incubation Lab events and technology solutions. We capture what comes out of these initiatives in large scale prototypes through design-build-operate ventures, and help You share the opportunities with creative investors, partners and your community at large.

We co-design with you spaces to foster people to open their minds, hearts and dare to be naive using co-creation, holistic planning, and cooperative structures of makers and users

The combination of art, culture, and creativity allow any form of intelligence – intellectual, kinetic, emotional, etc., to feel at home and make it easy to participate despite differences


  • City-scale and industry-scale prototypes
  • Empower communities and restore and revitalize their creativity
  • Engaging the arts’ and the creative community’s role to facilitate growth, change, synergies, and transformation

Very seldom is there a problem with lack of projects or ideas.

The problem typically is how to combine best groups of ideas and people that create new innovative services or solutions.

Working with complex issues with hundreds of parameters requires a new co-creation approach inviting everyone to participate where arts and creative industries play a fundamental catalyst role.

We look at how the project can support community and economic development and serve as the social heart of the neighbourhood.

We always work to ensure that our projects are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our Approach


Wealthmaking is the process of discovery of what could Your group and community become and what could emerge from a collaborative approach.

No one can change conditions if they can’t define and design to eliminate the root problems
We the people can augment our future options by seeking to solve real problems together


How can we be sure that we are solving the right problems?


  • New infrastructure and industrial strategies need to be coherent with a myriad of design decisions

  • We help you take a step back to reframe from a much enlarged perspective to discover what is really going on


Like building relationships, building trust, unfolding meaning!

Everyone can do good design when they are working together in true collaboration.

There is real simplicity here because the questions are authentic, helpful, hopeful…

And answerable through actions

Development and Pilots

Embody prototyping, testing and re-designing


Deliver concepts for a service, solution, product


Piloted in real life at an appropriate scale



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  • S2S Reactor OÜ doing business as Wealth Studios. Reg No. 14413177
  • Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Sakala tn 7-2, 10141
  • contact@wealthstudios.com
  • +371 22436891

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